A Different Presidential Candidate

We have a choice!

Next presidential election, we don’t have to decide between two big-spending candidates, neither of whom has expressed much interest in limited government.

Now, we have a third serious choice. This week, Dr. Jo Jorgensen, a psychology lecturer at Clemson University, won the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination.

OK, I won’t delude myself — a libertarian is unlikely to become president. But Jorgensen’s platform is a refreshing change.

She correctly points out that government “is too big, too bossy, too nosy, and way too intrusive.”

Of course, many candidates say that when running for office.

President Donald Trump said it, but once he was elected, he increased spending by half a trillion dollars, created a new military branch designed to protect U.S. interests in space, imposed tariffs and demanded more funds for “infrastructure” and “building a giant wall.”

Joe Biden wants to spend $532 billion more, increasing spending on things like education, climate and health care.

By contrast, Jorgensen says government should do less and spend less.

She’s right. The founders’ insistence on limited government is what made America prosperous.

Jorgensen noticed how our big and cumbersome government slowed our response to the coronavirus.

“We had about 60 American companies making testing kits and the FDA only approved two,” she said in the final Libertarian Party debate. “What the president should have done was use the Emergency Powers Act and say, ‘FDA, you only have to prove safety, not efficacy. Get these kits out there.'”

If some tests don’t work, the free market will weed that out, says Jorgensen. “If you are a large drug company, you don’t want to put out a drug or testing kit that doesn’t work — you’ll go bankrupt.”

Trump supported the latest multitrillion-dollar stimulus bill, saying, it “will deliver urgently needed relief to our nation’s families and workers.” Biden called for another stimulus — “a hell of a lot bigger.”

Jorgensen wouldn’t sign either bill. “Let the people keep their money,” she says. “Let them decide who should stay in business and who shouldn’t.”

She points out that government is not as good as individuals at deciding where money should go. “Government money usually goes to their friends and special interests and lobbyists.”

America’s most popular government program is probably Social Security. Created to help the minority of Americans who lived past age 65 at that time, it’s now an unsustainable handout to most older people. Social Security is going broke because people my age just keep living longer. Sorry. We won’t volunteer to die.

Jorgensen would save social security by offering everyone “an immediate opt-out,” something like the Cato Institute’s 6.2% solution, which would let individuals invest 6.2% of their payroll tax into a private retirement account.

While phasing the program out, she says seniors would be paid back what they’ve put in. “Sell those government assets, mineral rights, water rights, buildings downtown,” she says. “Give that money to seniors.”

Finally, Jorgensen would end “these needless wars that caused the injuries or deaths of hundreds of thousands of American soldiers… and the waste of trillions of tax dollars.” She’d “make America one giant Switzerland, armed and neutral… no American military personnel stationed in foreign countries. No foreign aid. No loan guarantees.”

This is not pacificism, she says, “I am proposing an American military force ready and able to defend the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii and all U.S. territories against foreign attackers.”

But like most libertarians, she doesn’t want America involved in foreign wars.

As the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate, Dr. Jorgensen will be on the ballot in most states. Voters will have a real choice this November.

Libertarian ideas are very different from those held by today’s Democrats and Republicans. Instead of lusting for more money and power, her party proposes a government that keeps the peace and, mostly, leaves people alone.

Sounds good to me.

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112 thoughts on “A Different Presidential Candidate

    1. But keep in mind that they don’t have a chance because no one thinks they have a chance. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophesy. We have to change it one person at a time.

      1. Change can,be good! If this candidate interests you…. Speak out, campaign, educate your friends and family and VOTE!

        1. I vote Libertarian whenever I can. The notion that voting for a third party candidate is wasting your vote is wrong. That’s like saying voting for Hillary in the last presidential election was a waste of your vote. You exercise your right to vote for the candidate of YOUR choice, a candidate you believe in. If your candidate loses, it’s just that a loss not a waste. WE need to live by the three C’s choice, chance, and change. You need to make a choice to take a chance to make a change.

          1. I love this comment. Thank you so much. You have truly helped me make my decision. That is exactly how I feel.

        2. I think people need to let others know about this lady was gonna vote Trump 100% but now that I found this girl tonight now I got some thinking to do

      2. I agree! If all those saying, “I’d vote for X, but I don’t want my vote wasted” would actually vote for X, politicians would see what the people want!!! This year, especially, there are so many people fed up with the two major candidates; it’s a time for change!

        1. DEMAND SCORE VOTING NOW! No more two-party B.S. More choice means MORE VOICE. Look up score voting, and see what a difference it makes. Give candidates 10 out of 10, 8 out of 10, or zero. It’s the best way to APPROVE of some, and reject the rest. The current voting system is THE WORST possible. WAKE UP AMERICA!

    2. Libertarians don’t seem to quite grasp the concept that a President, no matter how well intentioned, still has to deal with this entity called Congress. They cannot simply dissolve an agency on their own. She’s hallucinating if she thinks she can get rid of social security. And her idea of “no American military personnel stationed in foreign countries.” is about as naive as it gets. It IS isolationism, and it does not work.

      1. Gee, I thought America was an isolationist nation until WW2. Not spending so much on military hardware, involvement in foreign wars, etc., left us in a great position economically which has been whittled away in the 7 decades since

        1. The kung fu fighters during China’s Boxer Rebellion to British Empire would likely differ as many were unable to dodge machine gun fire by U.S. Marines sent there by McKinley to defend British Empire. In other words, the mother country got her rebellious son back as early at the 2nd constitution on the model of Rome that replaced the constitution on the Iroquois model established by the revolutionaries. RIP 1776-1787.

        2. So we stayed out of WW1?? You did claim we were isolationist until WW2. Also did you forget about the Great Depression? You claim our economy was really strong before WW2….

          Do you even history?

          1. Thank you. My brain almost exploded when Ed Adams said our economy was great before WW2.

          1. And that’s a start! Help us keep pushing for a 2nd a 3rd… Every vote cast against the duopoly is a push in the right direction which will affect change.

      2. Your ignorant. So all these other countries who refrain from placing troops in other countries are all isolationists? Please.

        1. “Your ignorant”. I lOVE that! By the way, it’s not “your” it’s “yer”.

      3. You’re absolutely correct. They seem to be clueless about the entrenched career politicians in DC who have established embezzlement schemes and are now fighting Trump with everything they can to get the outsider out of their clubhouse who is jeopardizing their money train.

    3. There are major victories and minor victories along the way. I believe we have to work toward getting a third party candidate to 5% so we can change the landscape. We should ultimately be fighting for equal ballot access, equal debate access, and something like instant run off “ranked” voting systems so people will stop being afraid to “split the vote” and actually vote for someone/something rather than against someone/something else. It can happen in our lifetime, hundreds of years from now, or never, depending entirely on our commitment to the cause. Will you help her get to 5% this year? If so, that would be a minor victory on the path to where we need to go.

      1. The binary voting system needs to go. Aren’t we all exhausted with voting for “the lesser of two evils”? Let’s vote for the future we want to see. Getting to 5% this time is so important to our futures and the future of generations to come.

        1. Truth. None of our votes count anyway. Why do you think there hasn’t been term limits set yet? They are all working together. Look at lawyers, in the courtroom they are at each others throats, at the end of the day, they are relaxing sharing a drink. Same thing with these politicians.

      2. As much as 5% would be a nice goal – I believe our goal should actually be trying to take one of the lesser populated states. If a Libertarian can actually claim an electoral college vote (or votes) – we have a chance to change the electoral college landscape. IF we deny both Trump and Biden the 270 it takes to get the actual presidency – it goes to Congress. And we have a split Congress; House ain’t voting for Trump; Senate ain’t voting for Biden – that leaves Jo as the natural compromise and puts US in the driver’s seat.

        That’s what should be our goal in this election!

        1. The Senate doesn’t have a say in deciding a presidential election. Only the House. The Senate makes decisions about the Vice Presidential contest. – 12th Amendment

    4. True, at this point. But if Libertarian voters vote, the party will grow. Historically, they always have, except when their members and supporters just give up. I’ve been voting Libertarian for well over a decade, and at this point, the most crucial thus far, I’m not going to give up.

    5. Would your opinion change if that 3rd-party candidate had access to the Presidential Debate stage? I think it might.

      Now, you may not be able to do much about THIS election, but you can vote in a way that makes the NEXT election cycle have a voice that almost nobody has heard before. Think of it as an investment. It might hut in the short run, but the benefits come later.

      1. While the debate stage would be a nice endeavor – it is run by a committee that is chaired by members of the duopoly. Remember when Perot ran in ’92? He took NINETEEN percent of the vote – because he got on the debate stage with HW-Bush and Bill Clinton. To STOP that nonsense – the duopoly came together to PREVENT that from happening by setting the margin of POLLING percentage to 15%. As much as I would like for that to happen – it’s not going to happen – with both parties setting that high of a bar. That’s why Gary couldn’t get on the debate stage last election! Probably won’t see Jo on the debate stage this cycle either!

    6. Sadly, I don’t believe this country has a chance if we continue to kowtow to the duopoly.

    7. I feel like most United Statesians feel how the Libertarians feel. We have 2 very unqualified candidates. Stranger things have happened. I’m more Libertarian and agree a lot of government functions should be shut down; especially we need to End Citizens United. I think in order for the philosophy to work we would have to establish policies to encourage the entrepreneurial freedom at first. If we let all the narcissists, sociopaths or psychopaths take over they will; there needs to be more transparency, conditions and consequences set first. Then we need to educate the public on their part in the economy. It’s a different philosophy and need to be educated on it.

      1. Agree fully with Citizens United Supreme Cou decision. Worst decision Court has ever made.

    8. I hope it’s common sense at this point that the other two choices just don’t work. I guess that could be too much to ask for people to actually realize that.

    9. I think she could stand a chance, but only if they allow here into presidential debates. Even then it’s hard to say. So many people have given up on it, that they don’t even pay attention to that…

      1. All this repetition about getting 5% will change for the future seems questionable. Ross Perot received 19%, so why is a third candidate not allowed in this yesr?

    10. really, this is not about winning. right now when talking about the Libertarian party. We are really more interested in getting the magic number of 5% when you get to 5% of the vote you have to be treated the same as the other 2. If we get to 5% the next time around the libertarian party has to be allowed in the debates. I think there are other things as well but if you can get to 5% things change and you can not be left out of the conversation. baby steps my friends. 1 step at a time. 1 foot in front of the other. If every libertarian can get 2 people on the L side it eventually snowballs into an avalanche. I have been saying this for years. you have to keep your eye on the prize. Slow resistance wins all wars. you can not topple the corrupt 2 party system in 1 election cycle. this will take a while. patients my friends. I want my children to grow up in a libertarian society. the only way you can do it is one person at a time.

    11. A third party might not have a chance because the two major parties Democrats and Republicans don’t let it have a chance. People NEVER hear that there are more than 2 candidates because the mainstream media don’t mention it, I think a third and even a fourth party would have a better chance if they were allowed on the national stage with the 2 major parties in the debates that way more people would realized they have options.

    12. Talk to people who have immigrant friends (legal or illegal) or family who know of the horrors of ICE and/or of waiting years for a Visa to go through, amongst other things! PREACH to them the changes Jo is proposing to the immigration laws! Once I read them, I had enough interest to find out more. And, now I’m sold! But many people don’t know what a libertarian stands for! I sure didn’t! I just found out that I’m a libertarian myself! Then, I sent libertarian views on immigration to my cousin and she wanted to know more! That’s 2 votes in 2 days! And we have LOTS of friends that have wanted a change like this for years, but THEY JUST DON’T KNOW that it was a possibility! Many have never voted because they think that they’ll be screwed either way. So, word of mouth Facebook Messenger Memes that’s free advertising!! Our nation is desperately crying for a change! If we want to Jo, let’s get those votes!!

    13. By the way, I’m Latino American. And last election I voted for a candidate just because I didn’t want the other candidate to win. This year I’m voting because I want Jo to win. My cousin, and many many other family members and friends and their friends are naturalized citizens and their vote counts and can make a difference.

    14. This is the problem. Stop thinking they don’t have a chance and start voting for them.

    15. If she can come across as anything but a nutcase, I can see her winning by a landslide. We tried Trump hoping to get out of Government thinking, but I know I have been disappointed that nothing much as far as Politics has changed, just gotten worse because they are too busy fighting each other. And the games being played with Biden??? That scares me even more. So, I hope that everyone really looks at this Candidate and if she is who she says she is, and if we can put any confidence in her, let’s do it!!! I actually just heard of her today and am starting my research.

    16. I was going to vote for you until I read that you want to dissolve social security. We could do well to limit foreign wars interaction. We still need people in those countries.

    17. Vote your conscience. Vote for someone that represents your views. Do not compromise your stance by voting for someone you don’t fully agree with. If ever person who said “I like them but I don’t think they would win” would vote gold then she would win

    18. I love the idea of smaller government! My question to you is how will you handle state governors who are drunk with power and control. Under your administration will these aggressive politicians operate as they currently do, un-checked?

      1. Yea but she says neither candidate is doing much about limited government. Trump is all about draining the swamp and limiting government corruption. His whole campain is hinged on it…

  1. I like what she says and I’ll prove it at the ballot box.

    1. I don’t exactly agree with the “unholy alliance “ statement. As a Christian, I have been voting libertarian for the last four Presidential elections. To me, the idea of smaller government, personal freedoms, and limiting foreign involvement (this does not equal isolationism, as some claim), coincides closely with my beliefs. I don’t think anyone should vote based on their faith (I have seen to many presidents and presidential candidates in that, bible toting, I’m at church, photo-op and it’s kind of sickening), vote for the freedom needed to share your faith, or not, through personal interaction.

      Social conservatives should understand that limiting government involvement in daily life fosters an environment where we can share ideas, whether agreed on or not, and still live peaceably.

      The only way to make a difference is to continue voting and continue sharing your ideas with other people. Most people I talk to agree with libertarian ideals, unfortunately most are stuck in the idea that it doesn’t make any difference; the only option is democrat/republican.

  2. Nothing new here , the libertarian party could bury the gop but would have to make an unholy alliance with social conservatives.
    Social conservatives are mostly people of faith and have been biblically taught to be good strwards of personal finance s something the party beats the drums about regarding taxpayers money.
    Unless party leaders take a serious look at this i don’t consider libertarians to get anywhere other than make a lot of noise.

    1. One way to light the hearts of social conservatives is to PUSH the homeschooling idea, indicating that the “Godless government schools” don’t serve the interests of social and religious conservatives.

      1. I personally served voted libertarian with the last presidential election. I didn’t like either Clinton or our current president. I will vote libertarian from here on out. It’s time for a change. Slowly but surely we can make that change. I am not a social religious person. I am Wiccan. I do not want to have social Christians telling me how to vote. That is what we have now

    2. I am not sure that is going to be true this election. Someone has to stop the craziness and right now I am pretty sure it isn’t either of the candidates for Democrats or Republicans. I hope she turns out to be someone we can put our confidence in.

    3. Like a dummy, I clicked the wrong reply button. Replying to Walter.

      I don’t exactly agree with the “unholy alliance “ statement. As a Christian, I have been voting libertarian for the last four Presidential elections. To me, the idea of smaller government, personal freedoms, and limiting foreign involvement (this does not equal isolationism, as some claim), coincides closely with my beliefs. I don’t think anyone should vote based on their faith (I have seen to many presidents and presidential candidates in that, bible toting, I’m at church, photo-op and it’s kind of sickening), vote for the freedom needed to share your faith, or not, through personal interaction.

      Social conservatives should understand that limiting government involvement in daily life fosters an environment where we can share ideas, whether agreed on or not, and still live peaceably.

      The only way to make a difference is to continue voting and continue sharing your ideas with other people. Most people I talk to agree with libertarian ideals, unfortunately most are stuck in the idea that it doesn’t make any difference; the only option is democrat/republican.

  3. I don’t think there will be a turn around for this election but…as an independent, I do believe the majority of middle America is getting fed up (or Fed up) with the extremisms the 2 parties are heading to. Might be high time in 2024 for a clear headed Libertarian to bring us back to our fundamental and financial senses.

    1. I am agreeing with you. I hop that she is reading these and it puts some fuel under her fire!

  4. As someone who voted for Jacob Hornberger in the Ohio caucus I wish Jo’s position on issues like the IRS, SS, and extraneous cabinet departments was abolition, but she is a far superior choice to the 2 incompetent fools the R+D duopoly will be offering. I will gladly cast my vote, in the “swingiest” of swing states, for the most principled and able candidate, vs wasting it on some perceived “lesser of 2 evils.”

    1. This is so true. If the Democrats could of given a better choice a lot of people might have turned, but Biden and using him as a Pawn. We aren’t all that stupid, at least I hope. I am very excited to learn more about this candidate and keeping my fingers crossed!

  5. This candidate I can vote for in good conscience. To vote for either the Dem or Rep candidate, I’d have to hold my nose and feel guilty for four more years.

    1. 100% why she will without fail have my vote. Her existence doesn’t make me I’ll. I feel pride, not guilt saying I will vote for her.
      I wouldn’t be able to say that about another candidate.

  6. If Dr Jorgensen isn’t suffering from dementia and cognitive decline, she’s already more qualified than Trump and Biden.

  7. Social Security is not a “handout”. Funds are taken out of paychecks and matched by employers all their working lives. In my case since I was 16. People pay into the system. In fact, our monthly checks would be double or triple if we had put those SS deductions into some retirement system. It’s not because “people are living longer”. In the Social Security system if one dies before 65, all those funds that went to government the government keeps.
    Mismanagement and fraud is the true problem.

    1. Yes it is. the Social Security tax (FICA) is AN INCOME TAX, pure and simple. The welfare/entitlement program of “Social Security” benefits is just that – WELFARE/GOVERNMENT ENTITLEMENT. The benefits could be terminated while the TAX could STILL be in effect. There is NO obligation to PAY the welfare simply because the TAX is collected.

    2. She has my vote. If I get more mail in ballots, I’ll vote as many times as I can. LOL….all joking aside, we need to get a “real” candidate up on the national debate platform. I wish her luck.

  8. I can’t buy the “a third party candidate doesn’t have a chance” theory anymore. There are enough voters who have had enough of the two power parties, that we can make our voices heard at the polls. Quit being bullied by Dem and Repub voters telling you your vote is wasted. Voting the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. The White House is not Vegas, quit playing the odds. Stand up and be heard.

  9. The debate between libertarians and conservatives is interesting, I had it explained to me once that libertarians say you do you and I will do me, whereas conservatives say let’s look at the evidence and do what’s best for everyone, the left of course say that’s what they are doing, the difference is the conservative actually DOES look at the evidence. The issue I have with libertarianism is that it replaces the tyranny of the state with the tyranny of the individual, works ok for a few people but when we group together in large groups individuals start having to make compromises to avoid conflict and when you get into that scenario logic has to apply as theoretically that is a truth we hold to be self evident to all so to speak, and logic says do what works which leads us back to conservatism. In practical terms they have a lot on common but I think the libertarianism fails in that it is an ideology so can always become tyrannical, anarchy is its ultimate expression, the opposite of the left totalitarianism, whereas true conservatism is not an ideology in the political sense, but a method, do what works is not left or right it’s more pure than that.

    1. Do what works is an ideology. And what works for some doesn’t work for others. The best thing for everyone is to leave people alone. Stop telling people that someone else knows what’s best for them. Just simply leave people alone.

  10. I agree with everything in here. There are, however, many additional points. What about entitlements in general? You cut them notably … and there will literally be blood in the streets. You don’t cut them and they will continue to bury us in debt.

    What about religious liberties. Gary Johnson was against them. Can a gay couple use the firepower of government to force businesses to defy their conscience?

    How about abortion? Can taxpayers truly be free of funding them? PP does < 1% of PAP tests, < 2% of breast exams, 0% of mammograms, and 34% of abortions. When gov't funds PP, they fund abortions (and most have creative ways of working around the Hyde amendment anyway). Can we truly leave the abortions to the pro-abortion folks to fund (majority of the billionaires are pro-abortion and could easily replace what the taxpayers currently fund … then when PP turns around and gives millions to politicians … it won't be pro-life taxpayer money funding pro-abortion candidates.

    This candidate intrigues me, but I need to take a closer look at the whole platform.

  11. What’s her stance on the 2nd amendment ? Constitutional carry.how does she plan to implement anything with so many in government on both sides ? What may she attempt with what’s going on now with this b.s.virus and governor’s acting like gods and violating the Constitution against american citizens ?

  12. While I agree with what is represented here I also have to acknowledge that the party isn’t strong enough to sway the vote in any meaningful way! Trump is my guy and nothing can sway me from that. Any vote not for him in this election is a vote for Demonrats! We cannot have Biden elected because he would fundamentally change our nation! Trump is trying his hardest to do what is best for America and has beef fought every step of the way. Has he accomplished everything he said he would, no but he has tried. The complaint that is expressed here on spending is truly meant to stop spending money in the long run! ! Reward is coming! After the 2020 election the Libertarian party needs to push like crazy to make themselves relevant. I would totally vote for a libertarian candidate if there was a snowballs chance in hell of the candidate being successful, at this point the possibility doesn’t exist! Trump 2020 or destruction of everything we know!!!!

  13. It’s far past time to get a major change going in this country. The two existing parties are so poisoned that they are both leading us into socialism.
    1) Eliminate social security with the 6.2% option.
    2) Term limits immediately.
    3) The size of govt should be limited x% of the gdp.
    4) Kick the govt out of healthcare and education.

    There’s a start.

    1. Am I reading correctly? You want the kit that’s intended to test for coronavirus (ie, correctly pick up the infection in infected people) to ONLY show safety and not efficacy??? And let the free market weed out kits that don’t work? Do you even understand what you’re saying??? It seems these days anyone can run for office on any platform (face palm).

  14. I am under no illusion that Jo and Spike will win this election, having said that they will receive my vote. I live in Texas which will almost certainly vote for Trump but I cannot support this decision. I voted Libertarian in the last election, first time I had not voted for one of the two dominate parties in 42 years. I simply could not bring myself to vote for Clinton the criminal or Trump the idiot. My hope is that more and more citizens will join me in leaving the two dominate parties and looking for some viable alternative. I don’t agree with every platform outlined by these candidates but I do believe they are not controlled by the DNC or RNC and not influenced by corporate America. At the very least my vote will give me the right to speak freely about the disaster we are looking at during the next four years.

  15. I was challenged to consider Jo and this platform from another in a local debate page. I believe in conservative values. I highly respect Some local business people who head up our local Libertarian group. All this to say I like what is said here. I believe more likemindedness will come from Republicans than Democrats. This takes me back to not wanting split the GOP and just vacate this election to the left.
    So, how can we get this way of leading into daily conversations? How do we inject a third entity into the existing duo-mess we live with and despise everyday?
    2020 may not give time for the change but 2024 could if people would be aggressive now, and for the next 3 years to see if people from both main parties might agree we need a better way to move forward.
    Sorry for the long chat- I love our country!

  16. We have military stationed in foreign countries to protect the American Citizens from as much possible interference from gunshots, bombs, suicide bombers, car bombers, etc. We know that’s not always possible that’s why we have security checks in place at airports. So by not having those military stationed in other countries you are potentially setting the people and citizens up for danger or worse War on USA soil.

  17. Dear Dr. Jorgensen,

    Campaign, campaign! I had to look up who else was running besides Perv and Pervy. Talk about reforming the APA and watch people follow. There are too many “studies” that lack accuracy being used to influence legislation. If you have a solution between police brutality and defunding police, now would be a great time to make noise. Surely there is a more educated solution that would bring balance. Hope you win.

    Angela Stuart

  18. Vote your conscience and your beliefs. Voting for someone you don’t believe in versus someone you do believe in because you don’t think they can win, is a vote for the perpetuation of what you do not believe in. I am for Jo….! Let’s back her and vote for change in America.

  19. STOSSEL: You know people in the medi…can you get Jo some interviews? The more exposure the more of a chance for change!

  20. I want to vote for a third party but I most likely will not this election I would like to see a stronger attempt to get them into Congress.
    As a group do you all agree with what your presenting because I don’t see a number of your ideas working. We can’t shut off the outside world like North Korea.
    If your doing what I think your doing decriminalizing drugs this society as a majority does not show the ability to make good decisions hence why it always seems like we have two awful choices for president.
    There are things you (JoJo) should be speaking out now and helping the President resolve this racial issue it would show great leadership and impress me. You should get your foot in the door and understand why this country does the things it does.
    You are going to sell assets. Mineral rights! If I sell you something I no longer have it. But if I rent it to you I continue to make money from that. Plus Some of these things are on public lands (national forest) the government needs to continue to keep that for Americans who pay taxes for it but foreigners need to be charged higher for entarance. 😥On a visit to Grand Canyon was hard to find other visitors that spoke English.
    I do not want government to leave parks or this country not to have parks. So what government are you cutting because your being to general. And with this racial thing I am afraid we need we need more protection for everyone’s safety.

  21. Vote for Jo Jorgensen!

    America is amazingly resilient.

    We survived Carter and got Reagan.

    Electing Clinton resulted in Newt Gingrich and the Republicans making a Contract with America and winning back control of Congress in 1994.

    Obama’s overreach caused the Tea Party and led to people in Congress with more Libertarian views than the regular Republican members.

    I cringe whenever Trump tweets, but he has been a very good steward of the Federal government. The economy boomed, many minority people were able to get jobs, and he avoided war with Iran. Four more years will be good for America.

    On the other hand, Biden cannot handle the job. He will be a mere figurehead. The real power in the White House will be the puppet masters pulling his strings. We will have a horrible turn to the left. If that leads to a new backlash, control of both houses of Congress in 2022 should go to the Republicans and, hopefully, a few of us. Controlling Congress will mitigate the socialistic damage the left wants, and the pandering Joe Biden will be pushing. Hopefully, a conservative President and Congress in 2024 will result in a better run Federal government.

    Vote for Jo Jorgensen!

  22. What’s your view on America’s gun rights that have been passed down generation to generation! We live in upstate New York where hunting and camping and fishing are our way of life to enjoy our Family times! What are your views on the 2A… I believe any gun law in the constitution is unconstitutional… unless you can’t pass a background check of course! I wouldn’t want a proven problem person having guns. But pistol permits are unconstitutional to me and so is telling us how many bullets we can carry in a clip!!

  23. Hello
    I think that this is the only chanc we have to end the corrupt 2 party system. For that we must get 270 electoral votes.
    The Trump government failed totally on the coronavirus issue.
    We have over 100 Thousands dead.
    That is more than 30 times the loss in 9/11.
    President Trump was giving a praise to the Chinese dictator.
    Countries like Taiwan, japan, New Zealand. South Korea, and Tunisia did far better than America.
    Trump was a total failure. He must be tried for high treason.
    The Democrats share in this disaster. They did nothing other than trying to get a house impeachment which is useless since they knew it would die in the Senate.
    This just one of so many failures. We can expose them on by one and gain the 270 electoral votes.

    1. If you did your reasearch you would find out that President Trump wanted to close off the country as early as January but the WHO told him that he was overreacting. Also, our death tolls compared to other countries like Japan and South Korea are unprecedented because the American population dwarfs that of those countries. Now if you did percentages of populations that would be a more accurate comparrison

  24. Putting in libertarian president is not going to do anything for anyone. Until the two parties are run out of the congress. Republicans and democrats in congress and libertarian in the presidency, nothing will get passed ever. No one will work with the other. Either run off the two parties we have now or at the very least have a third party with equal representation in congress.

  25. I can’t take the chance. Libratarin vote is just a vote against your own party… It just splits this vote. I don’t trust Trump to use his unlawful ways to cheat/manipulate the vote/ tally AGAIN! VOTE DEMOCRATE… That my opinion.

  26. I see so much wrong in that entire statement. But I’m willing to search out and learn more about her strategy. Got to have a statagy that works for the people. And the world as a whole.

  27. Just curious, but if we eliminate social security, what will happen to those that receive disability?

  28. Honestly I think it’s time we had a Libertarian in office. I’m an independent and I would like to see change. She has my vote. I wouldn’t mind seeing where she can take this country. I’m a patriot however it’s time to give back to the people.

  29. What are your proposals for latino community? I want to designate my vote to someone that supports us!

  30. “We had about 60 American companies making testing kits and the FDA only approved two,” she said in the final Libertarian Party debate. “What the president should have done was use the Emergency Powers Act and say, ‘FDA, you only have to prove safety, not efficacy. Get these kits out there.’”

    If some tests don’t work, the free market will weed that out, says Jorgensen. “If you are a large drug company, you don’t want to put out a drug or testing kit that doesn’t work — you’ll go bankrupt.”

    Maybe I’m missing something here, but if a testing kit does not work, then it could give people a false sense of security and jeopardize public safety. Many people could be exposed to COVID-19 before it was ever discovered that the testing kits did not work. Then we would be left picking up the pieces with countless deaths and lawsuits before the invisible hand of the market held companies accountable. I don’t understand why Libertarians still trust companies to regulate themselves. This is one of the reasons that I struggle with Libertarian candidates even though I support the message of personal freedom in one’s private life as well as the anti-war message.

  31. I want to know where Libertarians and Dr. Jo Jorgensen stands on the developmentally disabled and special needs. Funding has been stripped from these programs. These people do not have a voice or a means to take care of themselves.

  32. It is too bad that information is not seen about Dr. Jorgensen and the Libertarian party. I for one am not that well educated about politics, other than the commercials I see on TV and what you hear from the media. I never hear the media talk about the Libertarian party or Dr. Jorgensen. I just happened to ask a co worker what is a person to do when the only choice is Trump or Biden and you want neither one. He told me about Dr. Jorgensen and where to get information about her. I have done this and now I know who I am voting for.Dr. Jorgensen you have my vote.

  33. I’d like to know what her stance is on right to work states that are hurting the unions and where she stands on the Constitution

  34. So, if I vote for her, would I lose my job at Social Security? Trying to decide on my future…..

  35. I love the platform.. but not sure how we could pull our military… China N Korea would have a field day with that.hmmm and Russia. It would definitely have to happen over a long period

  36. What are her thoughts on all our manufacturing/processing being done in China? Does she have a plan to reverse this?

  37. I love her platform but you need to understand that the president doesn’t control the entirety of the government. With her policies she would only be able to lesser the power of the executive branch of the government and the legislative branch (congress) would pretty much have free range to do what they please with the American tax dollars, much like how the government was back before Theodore Roosevelt became president, and you know all those useless people in congress would be all over the opportunity to have more power than the president. A US president is commander and chief of the military yes but they don’t control who the US goes to war with, that is yet another decision made by Congress. In a perfect world she would be able to be elected and do the changes she wants to do to the entirety of the US government, but unfortunately this isn’t a perfect world and if she does get elected it won’t change anything that congress does unless Dr. Jorgensen only passes executive orders because no one in congress is gonna pass a bill that will lessen their grip on the throats and wallets of the American middle and lower classes

  38. Y’all need to quit making excuses and being so negative. Regardless of what chance she has of being elected or what powers she’ll have against Congress, we should still vote for the person who we think is the best fit to lead our country. When I look at the other two choices, it’s sad and pathetic to think of either one of them in office for the next 4 years. I not yet sold on this woman, but I’m going to do my research and give her serious consideration for my vote this Fall. And if she doesn’t get elected, at least I can sleep nights knowing I tried to put who I thought was the best person for the job in office.

  39. She does sound like the right choice, I’d be throwing my vote away if I didn’t vote for her, it means much more here, defund dorks on one side, police state on the other side, we need just enough protection to keep each safe as one nation, this two party system is leading to a Divided States of America, this time the Dems will take the blacks n the Repubs will take the rednecks n see who wins Civil War2, let’s unite n vote them both out! Courage!

  40. While these are decent ideas, unless she has a plan, this looks like a bunch of naivety. She has to convince a lot of people. She needs to show that she doesn’t just know the ideal solution, but knows how we can get there. 🙁

  41. There will be one of two parties elected for President in Nov. Either a Democrat (Biden) or Republican (Trump). With the Democrats falling off the cliff into Socialism and total anarchy, every vote is critical. This is a year to vote for saving our country, not a year to make a statement of disapproval. Vote TRUMP/PENCE like your life depends on it!! It literally does. Democrats are now threatening to retaliate against Americans who didn’t agree with their way of thinking..😡

  42. So excited to find this. I have been in dismay about who to vote for. Felt like I would have to write in Baby Yoda until I watched this debate… so not happy with either of the other options. Very excited about who was nominated! I hope she wins!

  43. This woman is a bona fide, qualified candidate for President. Her education, background, accomplishments, and knowledge of constitutional and pragmatc issues are impeccable. How could we not take a giant step of practicality and faith and elect Dr. Jorgenson? The alternatives, R and D, have demonstrated their incompetence and corrupt behaviour for decades, all the while enriching themselves and their political friends. The current spokesmen for Rs and Ds have siimply lost all credibility. The Libertarian Party needs to put togethor a highly qualified team of senior libertarian leaders that will work with Dr. Jorgenson during the campaign and after the election.

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