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Did you know that Superman’s son is bisexual? So is Batman’s sidekick, Robin, and lots of other superheroes created by Marvel and DC Comics.

The author of the bisexual Superman story says gay people write to say they “burst into tears” when they saw that the characters had become gay.

While it’s nice to make LGBTIQ+ people feel more welcome in the world, not everyone is happy.

They became bisexual “out of nowhere!” complains comic creator Eric July in my new video. “They make it seem as if the only way that you can relate to a character is because you’re gay and that character’s gay, which is nonsense!”

July, who is Black, says you don’t have to share the same traits as a superhero to enjoy the character. His favorite was Batman. “I ain’t got Bruce Wayne money, and I’m not rich! And I’m certainly not white.”

July points out that there have long been gay comic superheroes, like Northstar. But what’s new and dumb is that DC and Marvel are changing the identity of established characters.

A new Batman is Black. There’s a new Spiderman-like character, except she’s a lesbian who uses a wheelchair. Iron Man is now a Black teenage girl. Really.

Maybe this is progress.

“When I was a kid,” I say to July, “all the characters were white. It’s a good thing more are non-white.”

“But they’ve been just reduced to being an item to pander to certain audiences that aren’t really buying into it,” July responds.

No, they sure aren’t. Marvel and DC had the bestselling graphic novels. Now the best sellers are from Japan. Often, they aren’t even in color, yet they outsell Marvel and DC. The American-made books aren’t even in the top 20.

“They turned off their audience by … hyper emphasizing the social justice element.” says July.

Marvel made its evil character M.O.D.A.A.K. resemble Donald Trump. They hired leftist writer Ta-Nehisi Coates to create a Captain America series. Coates made the villain, Red Skull, a bizarre version of Jordan Peterson.

Instead of just saving lives, today’s comic superheroes lead protests.

The cover of a Superman comic shows Superman’s son leading a school “strike for climate.”

It’s so stupid! Superman, with all his powers, could solve climate change all by himself. But now he holds a protest sign.

“These guys are writing material for their peers,” says July. “So even if the Son of Superman falls completely off the charts like it did, right? It’s still a win in their mind.”

I thought that capitalism would be a break on the silliest of the woke world. But in this case, they’re just sabotaging their own projects. The bisexual Superman series was cancelled after 18 issues.

Marvel came up with two not-so-super heroes named “Snowflake” and “Safespace.” Really.

“Snowflake is nonbinary and goes by they-them,” says the writer in Marvel’s video introducing the characters. Fan reaction to the preview video was pretty bad. Marvel decided not to release Snowflake and Safespace.

I wanted to ask Marvel and DC why they seem fine with losing market share. Aren’t their investors angry?

Neither company would talk to me.

At least their stupidity gives new opportunities to independent creators like Eric July. He’s raised $3.7 million to fund a new superhero comic book, “Isom.”

The market will decide if people want to pay for new characters like him.

But July understands something that Marvel and DC apparently no longer do: Capitalism means giving people what they want.

9 thoughts on “Woke Comic Books

  1. Wokeness is catering to less than 6% of the U.S’s population! We have had enough of this pushed down our throats to accept as normal. The majority of our population is offended but that doesn’t matter. Minority rules!

  2. i used to love reading the fantasy these books provided. now they provide lectures. they have lost me forever

  3. To a large degree this is an explosion of what psychiatrists would have called mental illness a few years ago. Now it is a fad like everything else pushed upon society

  4. Comics helped me to have a life-long love of reading. My daughter is already attracted to some of the classic characters. I’m glad that I never threw out my collection–although I have curated it a bit over the years–and there are plenty of classics for her to read before the WOKE/SJW types took over. One of many examples of the “right” way to do these things is oldskool Iron-Man. Back in the 80’s James Rhodes took over for Tony Stark due to his alcoholism. So, there’s a whole arc of Rhodey in the armor as a black Iron-Man, but nobody made a fuss because it made sense to the storytelling and Rhodey didn’t come out of nowhere to become Iron-Man. The only “preaching” I remember was about the real dangers of alcohol abuse. There are many other examples, but you have to go a long way before the companies threw away their common sense and started pandering to an audience that isn’t even there.

  5. Step 1: Make it taboo for white people to talk about race
    Step 2: Bring race into absolutely everything: elections, law enforcement, education, comic books, sports, holidays etc.
    Step 3: Repeat with other identity groups: feminists, LGBTQ etc.

    This game has been going on for at least 30 years (since I first noticed it) and I believe it will be America’s undoing. We are to be governed according to our identities, most people have already accepted it, they’re just squabbling over the details now. I refuse to partake in the re-racialization of our society.

  6. Marvel and DC are for-profit companies in a free market. Everything they do is because they have concluded, right or wrong, that it would be best for profits and long-term growth. They don’t give a rat’s @ss about wokeness, they care about profits. There may be reason to believe that they’re wrong, and their decisions in this regard will hurt their companies in the long run, but I guess they know more about their market than I do. Or than John Stossel does, for that matter.

    It is always amusing to watch conservatives get in a tizzy over the results of a free market.

    1. You obviously didn’t read the story;
      “Marvel and DC had the bestselling graphic novels. Now the best sellers are from Japan. Often, they aren’t even in color, yet they outsell Marvel and DC. The American-made books aren’t even in the top 20. They turned off their audience by … hyper emphasizing the social justice element.”

      It’s even more amusing to listen to snowflake liberals like tou who don’t even bother to read what they are commenting on.

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